Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What I have been up to...

Hi all! So I started knitting mittens without a pattern. So this is my first pair without a pattern; I cast on 24 stitches the cuff is ribbed and on from there.

So, I naturally thought that if I cast on 16 stitches that I would get a glove that was about child size. This is what I ended up with, which I think is hilarious!

I guess they would fit an infant, but usually those little mitts don't have thumbs!

Also, I have a monster for Hope Gardens. My 5yo helped with the colors and design. She has good ideas.

Here are some little preemie hats, it is hard to see how big they are... the little pink one is about 1in wide and 2in high. They are knit ribbed, so they stretch a lot. I knit these from a pattern and sizing guidelines from Bev's Country cottage. I have a link to her website on the sidebar to the left (the first one) if anyone is interested in some guidance on how big a preemie head is. She also has sizes for each tiny preemie, little bit bigger preemie, infant, child, etc.

Some washclothes and hat, I'm crushing on mitered squares right now....

Hope this finds you all well and knitting/crocheting like crazy!!


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