Friday, August 31, 2012

Gala called Cornerstone Gala

Hi all. I recently blogged about the Northcrest Gala. It is called the Cornerstone Gala. The items will go live for auction online on October 25th, and whatever the price is online will be the starting bid at the Gala on November 10th, if no one bids at the Gala then it will sell for the online price at the end of the night. If you are interested in having your personal/business information on your item, please send a business card with it or a card with your contact information with it. I will also attach a little card that has Knits for Needs on it, too.

These are the benefactors of the NorthCrest foundation:

Facility Improvements – Currently, the Foundation is raising funds for a cancer education library that will be located within the new medical office building that will house oncology services.  The library will be stocked with pamphlets and books on all types of cancer, nutritional guidelines, social support materials, and other helpful information.  

• Equipment Purchases – The NorthCrest Foundation helped fund the purchase of state-of-the-art $1.2 million CardioCatheterization Lab equipment and the placement of AEDs in every school in Robertson and Cheatham Counties. The Foundation is currently underwriting an ImPACT testing system for all local high schools that evaluates possible concussions as a result of athletic participation.

• NorthCrest Hospice – provides end-of-life support for more than 120 individuals per year, equaling approximately 4800 days of service, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.

• Camp T.A.G. – a grief support camp for children who have lost a parent to death, deployment, divorce, incarceration, etc.  Camp T.A.G. has assisted over 700 children from our community.

• Martha’s Song – a program that provides financial support to Robertson County cancer patients.  Martha’s Song has assisted approximately 100 cancer patients with needs not covered by insurance with items such as compression sleeves, wigs and turbans, breast prostheses, medications, gas to treatments, bras, adult diapers, oxygen and nutritional drinks.

• Flu Shots/Diabetes Testing – Approximately 2,000 flu shots are provided in the rural communities of Robertson County each year at no charge, and A1C Diabetes Testing and Education offered at numerous community events.

Stayed tuned, as I get more information, I'll put it here!

Also, I wanted to clarify: my first trip to the Martha O'Bryan center will be mid-October. If you don't get your stuff to me by then, I'll just make another trip later or send your items somewhere else. All items, will go someone who needs it!!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NorthCrest Gala

Hi all! I have exciting news! I have been approached about donating items for auction for the NorthCrest Gala. NorthCrest is a local community hospital near me. They have several programs that are free to their patients and the community one of which is CampTAG a grief camp for children who have lost a loved one.

They are having an auction and she says that hand made items usually sell very well, so wanted to see if we would be interested. I am still working on getting more information and will be blogging about it as I get it. So stay tuned in!!

This is what I know about it, they will be auctioning off these items to the highest bidder and the money goes to the NorthCrest Foundation. The auction will go live (online) on October 25th, ideally would like to have the items a couple weeks before to get them on and so people can start looking at what they want. The gala is not until November.

Let me know if any of you are interested in this. Of course if you have your own shops/sell your own stuff we can attach your card and information to it. It will also have donated to/by Knits for Needs and your information--however it is best to put both identifications on there. If you send things please let me know where you would like to donate them if you have a preference.

Any thoughts or ideas let me know! You can email me or respond here! Look forward to hearing from any of you!

Keep the yarn flying,

P.S. Still collecting for the Martha O'Bryan center, it is usually cold around here by Halloween, so plan to donate these items to them, maybe mid-October! I'll try to tally a count soon. Anyone need yarn?