Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scarves To The Rescue!

We'll be sending out some scarves tomorrow! The picture to the right shows scarves that will be sent to a rape crisis center in Maryland. The picture below shows the scarves being sent to Michigan. They will be used in a fundraiser for a girl who was badly injured in a horse accident. Thank you so much to all who contributed these special scarves for people in need! Go Knits For Needs!

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Stuff!

Well, I just got back from the PO Box and it was like Christmas there! 4 boxes for Knits For Needs! I was so excited. Many thanks are in order.

Thank you to Kathryn in WI for donating 2 scarves, to Myra in IL for donating 3 adorable baby kimono/booty sets, to Linda in CT for donating 3 scarves and 7 hats, and to Shanda in NC for donating 2 blankets, 1 scarf, 6 hats, and some yarn as well. THANK YOU all!!!

This means our count for this year is up to 665 now! Onward to 900! Keep knitting and crocheting, and thanks so much for supporting Knits For Needs :)