Thursday, July 11, 2013

Winding down....

Hi all.  I am tidying up to close down Knits for Needs.  I plan to send all the items that I have to Handmade Simple Comforts -- Mrellan, who head up that charity.  Here are some recent items that have been sent to me along with some money for shipping!

It has been great working with all of you and thank you again and again for all your support and knit items.  I will keep you posted as I close and final dates.  If you follow on Ravelry please unjoin the Knits for Needs groups so I can start to close that group down on there.  The P.O. Box that I am using is due for renewal at the end of July, so that will close then.

Here are two charities that have contacted me since I have posted about dissolving Knits for Needs: and Walking with Orphans, which has a group on Ravelry if you want to follow them.

I will leave this blog up and the email for about a month or so after everything else is done.

Thanks again!

Keep the yarn flying,

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  1. Michelle: Thanks for all the time you've put into Knits for Needs!