Sunday, June 30, 2013

Good news.... bad news

Hi all!  Sorry it has been a few months, yes this charity is still active.... for now.

I received these lovely items from Adde in California:

You will have to forgive me... I could not get it rotated, so it looks upside down.

That was the good news.... now the bad news is that I am going to have to let Knits for Needs go.  My life has added several things and I need to focus on other things right now.  There is a new charity, Handmade Simple Comforts, that has emailed a couple weeks ago created by Mrellan. This is what she writes:
"I started this charity project two months ago today. It was a gift of love for my sister who had just found out she had glioblastoma--brain cancer. She died a week ago today. I am sending out appeals for help for knitted, crochet and sewn comfort products to everyone I can find a connection to. As I said, this is a gift for my sister and now a memorial to her. We are trying to push this to an international effort. I am American, but I live in Malta."

She emailed before I made the decision to let Knits for Needs go, but maybe Knits for Needs will dissolve into this charity or another one? I am not sure, but will ekep everyone posted on what I am doing with what I have.  If anyone has ideas, is interested in taking over, or has any other ideas for another trustworthy charity to absorb into please contact me via

No matter what -- keep the yarn flying for KFN or any other worthy cause!!

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