Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June givings/updates

Hi all!! Lots of great things happening at KFN!! First of all I'd like to go 2 posts back and get some promised pictures of those beautiful tunisian knit hats!! I got some close ups here, too. Hopefully you can see them well enough to appreciate them.

Now back one post.... WE GOT YARN BOMBED!!!!!!! So fantastic!! From Melanie in Kansas!!!! I can't even believe the amount of yarn we have been bombed with from her. Here are some of the pictures, two big boxes that seem bottomless. These pictures don't quite do them justice, but this is awesome! Some people have asked me for yarn, will try to send it out soon! Anyone else interested in knitting some of this yarn up and sending it back email me and let me know how many skeins/balls you want, we have been blessed!! 

Also, I received some knit things from Carol in Hawaii. She knit up some cutie bears, a pirate monster and washclothes that will go to the Martha O'Bryan center! They will love them! My 5 yo daughter said "these bears are so cutie" then said "wow, Mom this is a lot of knitting time, that's so nice." And I think she has it right. Thank you, Carol!

 I am humbled by the outpouring of giving from you all this month.

Keep the yarn flying,

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