Friday, May 18, 2012

more stuff and monsters

Hi all! It is so wonderful to stop by the post office and find a box from one of you!!! Today 14! hats from Lynne in GA with promises of more to come. Thanks, Lynne! They are so beautiful! (what is that pattern by the way? I love it!)
I would attach some lovely photos, but I can't get my new camera to act right. I'll get them on here when I can.

Also, There is a lady name Bonnie on Ravelry that collects knit/crochet monsters for Hope Gardens (a shelter for abused women and their children). She says they house about 49 children right now, but obviously this is dynamic. I would like us to send some monsters her way!! If you all want to get in on this just send the monsters to the Knits for Needs address and I will get them to her when I collect some. Looks like she donates around the holidays, so now is making and collecting time before we get into our own holiday knitting! If you want to check her out on ravelry look up Monsters for Hope Gardens. There is also a forum started there with the same name if it is easier for you to comment that way. Of course you can always email me at or comment on twitter @knitsforneeds.
Thanks for all support and followings! Happy yarn working!

Keep the yarn flying,

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