Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Address

Hello folks!! We now have a new address for you to send your donations. As you know, I am passing the torch to someone who has decided to step up and take over. I will introduce her asap when she sends me a "bio". Here is our new address:

Knits For Needs
PO Box 698
White House, TN 37188

All donations from this point on should be sent to the new address.

I sent out two HUGE boxes this week! One was full of hats, probably about 150, and went to The Covenant House in New York City. The Covenant House is a refuge for homeless youth. The other box was full of scarves and went to the rape crisis center in Maryland that we have donated to before. I got a call from the director yesterday and she thanked us over and over again.

So, the transition to our new "director" is happening now, but Knits For Needs continues to make things happen. Nothing will change other than a new person will be taking over. And I'll still be around too :) On a personal note, I'm having complications with the pregnancy and have to put my feet up as much a possible. I'm a teacher and a parent of 3 kids, so this is next to impossible!!! I'm not officially on bed-rest yet, but it may be coming. I'm trying to hang on for another 2 months!

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