Monday, May 30, 2011

Contest Results!

FINALLY I sat down today and drew names for our contest. Actually, my daughter's best friend Mary drew the names and we have 7 winners! As you may remember, our contest actually ended in the beginning of April - sorry for the delay! Here are our winners, in no particular order:

- Lynn in GA
- Linda in CT
- Lorraine in SC
- Nancy K
- Sweezer
- Alicia (AmGoth) in NJ

Congratulations! We have everything from yarn to patterns to books to share and I will be contacting the people who are donating our prizes over the next few days.

This is what I need from the winners: email me with your full name, home (shipping) address, your email address, and a preference for crochet or knitting in case you get a pattern. I need this info asap so we can get the prizes to you! In most cases I have your address, but email me this info just in case. (

Thank you for participating and for continuing to do all you do to help people in need. That is what Knits For Needs is all about! Thank you also to the people who are donating prizes - your support of our organization is so appreciated.

Also, check out our new fan page on Facebook: Our old FB group will be archived soon and all members will be lost, so join us on this new one!

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