Sunday, January 9, 2011

What an Awesome 2010 for KFN!

First of all, big thanks to Josephine in PA for sending in 6 hats. Her daughter sent in Josephine's hats with a wonderful note saying Josephine is a 90-year-old open-heart surgery patient who is finding her knitting and giving to others great therapy. You're awesome, Josephine!! Thanks!

Also, I wanted to mention a note I received from Lisa at Threads Of Compassion, the organization that donated our scarves to a rape crisis center. Lisa says, "Dear Meridith and Knits For Needs: Thank you so much for your scarf donation in November to Threads of Compassion. Because of your donation, we were able to collect a total of 238 scarves in 2010! Your scarves have made a difference! Thank you so much for helping to make Threads of Compassion a success in our 2010 year!" I love hearing things like this!

We had a great 2010 here at Knits for Needs! We collected a whopping 1,070 items for people in need! I still have some things I need to send out this winter. Way to go guys! I am so proud of our group!

So far this year, 2011, we have collected/donated 40 items, thanks to Alicia, who frequents our Ravelry group. You and your mother, who also donated a lot of items, are awesome Alicia... it is amazing how much you give to people in need. Proud to be working with you!

I think our goal for 2011, since we went way over our goal of 900 for last year, should be 1,500 collected/donated by the end of the year. What do you think? I think we can do it! We are really growing and I'm still in the process of getting our charity registered, which will help a lot.

So... onward to 1,500!!!

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