Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Thank you Terri in Ohio for donating 11 hats to Knits For Needs!! Our count is up to 641 now and our goal is 900 for this year... I think we can do it! Keep sending in your knit and/or crocheted items and let's make it to our goal of helping 900 people in need in 2010. If you have any questions/comments/suggestions, please email us at knitsforneeds@gmail.com.

We are running out of funds, and we'll need them very soon so we can start sending out our things to people in need across the US. If anyone would like to donate monetarily to our cause, even if it is just 5 bucks, please just send us a check or deposit it into our PayPal account.. you just need our email address, which is listed above. I hate to ask for money.... uggg... but we'll need it. I think we only have about $15 in our account, which would only cover one shipment. Thanks in advance to all people who will help build back our funds!!

Thank you again to ALL supporters and contributors, without you, we would not work. Thanks so much, and, again, I'm proud to be working with you on this special project of helping people across the US!! Have a great day!

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