Friday, July 9, 2010

Contest Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest by sending in knit/crocheted items! Everyone who donated from January 1 till June 30 was entered into a drawing for prizes. For every 5 items donated, you got another entry into the drawing. I had my kids help me with drawing names and we have 8 winners!!: Melinda from PA, Michelle from PA, Lynne from GA, Shanda from SC, Terri from OH, Myra from IL, Lorraine from SC, and Alicia from NJ.

I have everyone's addresses, but what I don't have and what I need are your email addresses. 5 of the prizes are E-books of knitting patterns from one of my favorite Twitter Knitters, @fiberfool. Two people will be getting a book of knitting patterns donated by my friend Heidi, and one person will be getting some stitch markers donated by @xxferretgirlxx on twitter.. she's also on Ravelry as NinjaBunnyStudios. Thanks so much for the prize donations, guys!

Since most of these prizes are knitting related, I need to know which of you ONLY crochet so I can make sure you get crochet-related prizes.

So, to recap, for the winners of the contest, I need you to email me:

a) your email address
b) tell me if you only crochet

Our email address is on the left side of the blog. I think that is all the info I need at the moment. Thanks again to all who support and donate to Knits For Needs! Let's keep it up.. onward to 900!

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