Friday, December 18, 2009

In The Spirit Of Giving...

Christmas has arrived here at Knits For Needs!! We have donations throughout the year, but you've really picked it up for the Holiday Season. We have many people to thank, but before I do this, let me first apologize for leaving anyone out. I'm sure I do not mention everyone who donates, but it is only because I need to get better at record keeping and thanking every single person. I write down everyone who donates and try to thank everyone, but sometimes I forget WHERE I thank them.. was it Twitter? Ravelry? Facebook? Blog? So, please be assured that Knits For Needs thanks each and every one of you so much. The time, effort, and love you put into this project is commendable and appreciated by so many people, especially at this time of the year! Also, FYI: I do not use anyone's last names, just to be on the safe side. Now lets get to some of these "Thanks":

Cathy in Atlanta: you are the bomb! 15 hats! And a monetary donation to help with our shipping costs too. Thank you so much!

Thank you to Jenny in Indiana, our friend on Twitter, for sending in 9 scarves and 1 hat and thanks also to Pam in Maine for the 10 prayer squares that will be sent to Knit Wits who attach a prayer to each and send them to chemo patients to hold as they pray.

Now, between Cheryl in Texas and Alicia in New Jersey, 33 hats were knit/crocheted!!! How do you find the time? You guys rock! Also, Alicia sent in the CUTEST crocheted stuffed animals that were crocheted by her mom Lucila, also in New Jersey. My kids absolutely love them, but of course I had to explain again that they are for those in NEED, and they certainly don't need more :) TONS of thanks to Cheryl for also sending in a very generous monetary donation! We really needed that for shipping.. thanks so much for being so generous and selfless and for also trusting me to use it for this awesome project that puts a little sunshine into the lives of so many people in need around our country.

I feel so repetitive saying THANK YOU over and over again, but I feel like I just can't say it enough! On behalf of the 566 people out there (yes, 566!!) who we gave/will give to this year: THANK YOU!!

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