Thursday, December 3, 2009

All We Knit is LOVE

Well, I heard back from The Covenant House about the items I sent a couple weeks ago. This is what she said: "We did receive the package and Thanks so very much. We plan to give the youth in their Holiday packages and will send you photographs of them wearing the hats. As usual they are beautiful and we truly appreciate the time and effort you put in to give homeless youth a warm hat to cover their heads during the cold season. Thanks again, Meredith and you will hear from us soon." Wouldn't it be great if we could get some pictures of the kids in the hats and other items so I can post them on the blog? I suppose I will need to get permission first, but I'd love to have more pics here, especially of the people we're helping.

I also heard from my contact at Children's Healthcare Of Atlanta. She said the staff has been handing out the items to the patients. I hope they like them and I hope we get more information from them soon. I'd love to hear stories about how the patients liked the items, and, again, pics would be great! We'll see.

On Tuesday I sent out two packages that I am super excited about. One is going to a homeless shelter in New Orleans called New Orleans Women's Shelter, aka: NOWS. Since we had mostly women's and children's, mainly girls, items, I looked for women's and children's shelters to donate to. My contact at NOWS sent me a small list of the individuals currently living at the shelter and tried to send an item per person, but there were some boy babies who I did not have clothing items for. I sent some knit bears in the hopes that each person will indeed receive something. In all, I sent about 15 items to NOWS.

The second box I sent was HUGE! I sent about 60-70 items to Women In Need, Inc in NY, NY. Here is some information from my contact about the 6 homeless shelters under the Women In Need umbrella: "Our shelters are all family shelters meaning that there are adults and minors in every unit. We have people and children of both genders and all ages. We serve something like 10,000 people annually, so anything you send us will be put to immediate good use. On a typical night we have 900 families either in our shelters or receiving services from us – this comes out to about 1500 children… Knitted donations of all sizes and for both genders are greatly appreciated!" Again, I didn't have many boy's/men's items, but that box was FULL of hats, scarves, a few baby sweaters, and headbands. I can't wait to hear back from them.

Our collecting and donating to people in need continues! We are an ongoing project so feel free to send in your items whenever you have time. Also, please keep in mind that Knits For Needs can only exist through the generous knitting/crocheting that our members do AND the monetary donations we receive. I'm a little nervous about not having enough money to cover our shipping costs for this winter, so any monetary donations, no matter how small, would help tremendously. I think an average shipment costs us about $9 - $12. Thanks for keeping this in mind this Holiday Season! Have a wonderful Holiday Season and may you be surrounded by loved ones!

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