Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Kink To Work Out

Hello all!! As you know, Knits For Needs continues to grow and grow and grow, which is perfectly wonderful and I could not be happier. We have had approximately 200 skeins of yarn donated and our total number of items donated to KFN so far is 324!! We've almost reached our goal of 400 items donated in 2009. Keep sending in your items as you finish them. I really appreciate all of the loving support this special group has received.

HOWEVER, I need to discuss a current problem with you all and I'm open to any and all suggestions on how to solve it. I really assumed that with all of the support Knits For Needs has that we would receive monetary donations to help with shipping and other costs, such as the PO Box payment that is now due. My plan was to set up an account strictly for KFN and use the collected funds to help with these costs, but we have not received even one monetary donation! Do you know any friends or family members who might want to donate to a wonderful knitting charity?

I do not have Knits For Needs registered as a charity legally as of yet. I was planning to see where it went and how big it grew before I went ahead and did that, and I most certainly will as soon as I'm sure it is big enough and here to stay. In order for it to sustain itself, we will need monetary donations to help with cost. Now, because it is not officially a charity in the eyes of the government, I cannot offer a receipt for deduction purposes, but I can offer the wonderful feeling you will receive when you donate to a beautiful cause, such as a charity that donates our knit/crocheted items to cancer patients, the homeless, preemies, veterans, and other loved members of society. I can also assure you that all monies would be used for the charity and nothing else, but unfortunately I only have my "word" to give you :) And, of course, you can see all the good that we're doing by reading our blog.

I mean, I'm talking about donations of only $5 here, nothing big. Do you know anyone that could help? I'd really LOVE to see Knits For Needs grow huge and help tons of people across the country and I'm sure you all would too. Does anyone have any ideas to drum up some funds? Any ideas on how to get a sponsor? Oh, I forgot to mention also, I monetized this blog, which means there are ads on it now and we generate money per clicks on those ads, so click away :) All of this money will, of course, go to KFN.

Thanks for listening to my "schpiel" (how do you spell that?), I was really hoping NOT to make it. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all supporters and contributors to Knits For Needs! All of the donations we have received just warm my heart so much. Keep up the knitting and crocheting, and keep sending in whatever you'd like to donate to KFN whenever you can.

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