Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Director

Hi. My name is Michelle Perdue I am the new director of Knits for Needs. I love what KFN is about and I am excited to get started. I have followed KFN on ravelry and twitter for some time and was sad to see Meredith was going to have to dissolve the charity, I thought it a tragedy and am happy for the opportunity to get involved and continue getting your handmade items directly to those in need!
I am on as mperdue (creative, I know :)). Please continue to follow KFN on twitter @knitsforneeds and/or ravelry and this blogspot will also continue. Meredith will be closing out the facebook account, so if you follow there please follow us on one of the other avenues! Also, if you have any questions for me don't hesitate to drop an email at
Things are not really going to change much from what all of you are used, I will try my best to continue what Meredith has started and keep with the traditions of Knits for Needs.
Important information--the address to send your items has changed!
P.O. Box 698
White House, TN 37188
If you have sent items to the other address and are concerned please drop me an email.
I am so excited to get things rolling. Congratulations for Meredith and her family on the new addition in about 4 weeks! I know she has had a hard time and they will be blessed! I am in contact with Meredith and all her help during this transition period is much apprecitiated! I'm glad to be on board--thanks for all of your support and hanging in there during this phase as we open another chapter in the Knits for Needs saga!

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