Saturday, September 3, 2011

Today I sent out two big boxes of yarn to two groups who knit and crochet for charity. One group is in New York and they knit/crochet items for children in treatment centers and domestic violence shelters. The other project that we donated yarn to is as follows...

"My name is Suzann and I am currently a third year student at Boston University studying health sciences. In recent months I have been moved by reports covering the widespread famine in Somalia that has left hundreds of thousands dead and over 12 million at risk of starvation. As a citizen of the world I want to do my part to make an impact and most importantly, save lives. This is where Project Knit for Somalia begins. Our purpose is to bring those that love knitting and knit-lovers across the country together to raise money for hunger relief in Somalia. I'm currently in the early stages of spreading word through social media and inviting Boston University student groups and students across the nation to lend their ears, hearts, and a few hours of their time.

Each person is given the freedom to knit any wearable item, though preferably scarves and hats, and I will take responsibility for selling the finished products and donating 100 percent of the proceeds to an international aid organization stationed in Somalia such as Save the Children, the American Refugee Committee, UNICEF, and Action Against Hunger. In order to mobilize quickly we'll need yarn, and a lot of it. This is where I would appreciate any help in providing yarn that your organization can give. My goal is for Project Knit for Somalia to raise $500 in proceeds, of which every cent will be donated by November 13 or World Kindness Day. Each dollar can keep a Somali child or refugee alive for another day."

We are very happy to support these organizations by supplying them some yarn that they need and we have!!

Also, Lynne from GA stopped by my house today and brought tons of knit items and took a lot of yarn to use for her charity projects.

Thank you so much Lynne for donating 8 scarves, 11 lap robes, 26 hats, and 7 prayer squares! Also, thank you to Myra who donated 7 baby hats, to Cheryl who donated 1 shawl, 1 fingerless mitts, 5 scarves, 3 pairs of socks, and 10 hats, to Karen who donated 10 hats, and to Nancy in Baton Rouge (geaux Tigers!!!) who donated 5 scarves!

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