Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Timothy's Cupboard

Hello everyone, and thanks for reading this latest update about Knits For Needs. If you are new, please take some time to read about all the wonderful things we've been up to in the past year, including donating 634 items to people in need in 2009! Our current count for 2010 is 48 and our lofty goal for this year is 900 items. If you are donating on your own in the name of Knits For Needs, please let me know and I'll include your items in our count.

Last week I had the honor of donating (you're going to kill me for not counting the exact number) about 25 hats, 4 crocheted amigurumi animals, and about 10 scarves to a church right around the corner from my home in Woodstock, GA, just north of Atlanta. The church is called Timothy Lutheran Church and is near and dear to my heart because all three of my children attended their preschool. What you see in the picture is not the church, but the tiny little house called Timothy's Cupboard, which is a food bank run by the church. In 2009, Timothy's Cupboard fed a total of 2,903 children, 8,277 people, and 2,433 families in the Cherokee County area in which I live. I called them a couple weeks ago to see if they might be in need of knit/crocheted warm things, and they said a resounding, "YES!". When I took the items (pictured) to them last week, I can't tell you the looks of amazement and appreciation I saw on their faces. They were amazed at our wonderful group of people and asked for more information about us and also mentioned they would not only get the items out immediately, but they'd need more. Needless to say, I will be bringing them more items soon as well as all of our contact info, including this blog.

Here is a not-so-great picture of me resembling Santa on my way to drop off the items at the church. Also pictured are some of the items that were donated. After this picture was taken, I found a bunch of adult hats that I wanted to include but then forgot to take of pic of everything altogether. I must get better at documenting all of this!

Below is a random picture of a hat I just finished for Knits For Needs. It was finished after the Timothy delivery, but I wanted to show it anyway because I think it is so cute! I can't wait to donate it.. actually, I guess that makes our count 49 now, doesn't it? :)

Have a great week, and please spread the word about our awesome organization, Knits For Needs!

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