Friday, May 22, 2009

Collection Grows!

Thank you to Catherine and Lorraine for our most recent donation of a total of 17 items for our wonderful charitable group, Knits For Needs! Here is a pic of what they so lovingly knit and donated to those in need. Look at the cute little bear! I wish I could knit something like that. It's on my to-do list :)
Mucho thanks also go out to Myra, Diana, Tracy & her mother, Cheryl, and Michelle for knitting and/or crocheting items and sending them our way. Most of theirs has been donated already to the homeless, food banks, and to chemo patients in the Eastern US.

There are several of our Twitter followers who are working on things for KFN and one person left a comment on this blog letting us know she is working on several blanket squares for us! Another lady emailed me saying she has a bunch of scarves to send and she's crocheting many more items. And can I tell you how much yarn has been donated??? Lisa Marie has sent 5 boxes, yes, 5 boxes FULL of yarn for KFN. Thank you Lisa Marie and several others for your very generous donations of yarn. Because of you we can provide a LOT of warm stuff to people in need! Now, we still have not received any monetary donations, so I cannot pay to send you the yarn as of yet, BUT if you are willing to pay for shipping (you can pay me back after you get it), I will send you a bunch of free yarn. The yarn must be used to knit or crochet items for Knits For Needs, obviously.

And now, last but definitely not least, we have donated/collected 97 items so far (since January)!! That is great! Our goal is to donate 400 items by the end of the year, so keep 'em coming. As you know, we're taking the summer (well it is summer here in the US at least) off from shipments and deliveries, for obvious reasons, but we are collecting and stockpiling as many items as we possibly can for shipments starting in September. 400 here we come!! We can do this! Again, let me know if you want free yarn.
Here is a pic of all we have collected so far. We rock!!
Email me at any time. I look forward to speaking with you further about this wonderful organization of people coming together for the greater good. Love you guys!

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